What Makes Up the “New Standard”?

The “New Standard” for Business Email helps to mitigate the risks inherent to today’s email and offers higher reliability, better security and intellectual property protection.  But what features do these services offer?

Hosted Exchange from Elera Business Solutions

Beyond delivering high reliability, better security and lower startup costs than an on-premises deployment, Hosted Exchange also provides: 

  • Enhanced productivity – easily sync contacts, share calendars and integrate with other business tools from any device
  • Mobile capability – with Outlook Web Access, mobile app and offline access, employees can access their email from wherever they are

Email Security from Elera Business Solutions

Deploying integrated Email Security with every mailbox helps quarantine and block suspicious emails. It keeps you safe from threats that can disrupt your users, damage your hardware, compromise your security, and—worst of all—spread infections.  Deploying advanced email security also provides:


  • A first layer of defense to protect against viruses and other email security risks – with granular control over threat protection levels and spam score (inbox, junk box, deletion)
  • Link scanning for a second layer of defense – rescan links that land in users’ inboxes to warn users before navigating to malicious webpages
  • Filtering of both email content and attachments – using Intel Security’s industry-leading, signature-based antivirus engine


Email Archiving from Elera Business Solutions

Virtually every company needs to preserve email from loss or alteration.  Email Archiving ensures email is replicated and stored in a tamper-proof archive, so if you need to restore or locate it, you can.  Deploying Email Archiving also provides:


  • A flexible solution – you choose which mailboxes you need to archive and only pay for the mailboxes you need as you grow
  • Easily searchable archive - Email Archiving indexes all your messages ensuring they are always available to quickly search, identify, and recover
  • Protection from loss, corruption, damage or misuse – tamper-proof archive ensures authenticity and preservation required for compliance and eDiscovery

As you can see, the “new standard” of business email is a common-sense approach that ensures you have a reliable email experience with complete data preservation and top-notch security. Why would you settle for anything less?  To learn more, you should contact Jonathan Bradley at 813.563.5372 for a personalized consultation.